17" Endurance 6 Piston - TBS Race Brake Caliper

  • Pad Widtth (mm)
  • Wheel Size
  • Piston Count
  • Mount Position

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Pad Widtth (mm): 25
Wheel Size: 17 inch
Piston Count: 6
Mount Position: Front

The TBS Race Brakes 17" Series Range

The Endurance Series caliper is the perfect choice for medium to large wheel sizes in +6 hours endurance track events. This caliper supports a significantly thicker 25mm pad, which means you'll spend more time on the track between pad changes. The caliper is specifically designed to support the thicker pad, which has the added benefit of increased heat dissipation.

Made from a high-strength aluminum alloy billet, the Endurance Series caliper provides improved handling and suspension performance by reducing unsprung weight. The superior heat dissipation also improves braking performance, making it a great choice for endurance events where reliable and consistent braking is crucial. The Endurance Series caliper is configured for a front brake upgrade, and it's designed to fit up to a 370mm rotor. With its customizable surface finishes available on request, upgrading to the Endurance Series caliper is an excellent choice to improve your vehicle's endurance track performance.