15" Series 4 Piston Handbrake - TBS Race Brake Caliper

  • Pad Widtth (mm)
  • Wheel Size
  • Piston Count
  • Mount Position
  • Additional

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Pad Widtth (mm): 18
Wheel Size: 15 inch
Piston Count: 4
Mount Position: Rear
Additional: Handbrake

The TBS Race Brakes 15" Series Range

a high-performance upgrade over OEM brake calipers for small to moderate-sized wheel profiles used on both the track and the street. 

Made in Australia from lightweight aluminum alloy billet, it provides advantages such as improved handling and suspension performance by reducing unsprung weight and dissipating heat more efficiently. With its fitment to most popular makes and models, upgrading to the 15" Series range is a simple process. 

Customisable aesthetics are available with optional surface finishes to complement your vehicle's existing style. For those seeking improved performance and style, the 15" Series range is a standout option.