13" Series 4 Piston - TBS Race Brake Caliper

  • Pad Widtth (mm)
  • Wheel Size
  • Piston Count
  • Mount Position

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Pad Widtth (mm): 16
Wheel Size: 13 inch
Piston Count: 4
Mount Position: Front or Rear

The TBS Race Brakes 13" Series Range

The 13" Series caliper is a lightweight and high-performance caliper designed specifically for 13 inch wheel size. Made from a high-strength aluminum alloy billet, it provides improved handling and suspension performance by reducing unsprung weight and dissipating heat more efficiently.

This makes it an excellent choice for small to moderate-sized wheel profiles used on both the track and the street. The 13" Series caliper can be configured for a front or rear brake upgrade, and it's designed is to suit large range of clamp load.