TBS Brake Kit - Mini Coup (F56) Front - 355x28mm Rotor | 17" Series Caliper

- 2x TBS 17" Series Caliper
- 2x Caliper brackets to suit Mini F56 Front
- 2x 355x28mm Rotor Outer
- 2x Floating hat to suit Mini F56 Front
- 4x TBS Brake Pads
- 2x Stainless Braided hose

The Mini F56 can benefit from improved braking performance with TBS Race Brakes' performance brake package. This package includes a 355x28mm floating rotor, which is larger than the stock OE rotor of 294x22mm. The increased rotor size allows for better heat dissipation and improved stopping power.

Additionally, the package features the TBS 17" Series performance caliper, made of lightweight billet Aluminum and designed with a common pad profile that is compatible with major motorsport pad manufacturers. This caliper provides excellent brake modulation and consistent performance even in challenging driving conditions.

If you're looking to upgrade your Mini F56's braking performance, the TBS Race Brakes' performance brake package can be a viable option for enhancing your driving experience.

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  • Supported Rotor Size
  • Rotor Assembly
  • Make
  • Model
  • Caliper
    • TBS Race Brakes 17" Series - 4 Piston
    • TBS Race Brakes 17" Series - 6 Piston
  • Rotor Ventilation
  • Fitment Postition
    • Front

This combination does not exist.

Supported Rotor Size: 355x28mm
Make: Mini
Model: R56
Rotor Ventilation: Straight Vane
Fitment Postition: Front