Brake Calipers

At TBS Race Brakes, we take pride in designing and manufacturing top-quality brake calipers that deliver maximum performance in competitive applications. Our calipers are built to support a variety of rotor options, clamping pressures, and pad sizes, ensuring that we can provide the very best in terms of performance and versatility.

Brake Rotors

We have the capabilities to manufacture and supply a range of high-quality OEM rotors and a variety of rotor outers to meet your specific needs. Our expert team uses the latest technology and materials to create rotors that offer superior stopping power, durability, and reliability.

Brake Components

We specialise in all aspects of the braking systems and manufacture custom hydraulic lines, master cylinders, boosters, ect. Our team has over 40 years in the industry and are not only experts in motorsports but street, 4x4 and historics.

Our products are designed and manufactured in Australia

At TBS Race Brakes, we understand the unique demands of racing and the importance of having brakes that can withstand the intense heat and stress of competition. That's why we use the latest technology and the highest quality materials to design and manufacture our brake components.