Endurance Calipers

Endurance Series

Based on the performance and durability of our Performance Series brake calipers, the Endurance Series is designed to reduce the need for mid race pad changes by offering the support of a 25mm pad. The thinker pads provide a significant increase in pad material while allowing additional room for airflow around the caliper to dissipate heat. Endurance calipers support rotor widths up to 34mm rotors and diameters from 345mm to 380mm.

Less pad changes

Endurance Series calipers support a thicker pad that provides close to 40% more braking over standard Performance Series pad.


Performance Series calipers with full size race pad.

More Details

Endurance Series with larger size pad. Increase pad wipe/surface area in contact with rotor and 25mm thick pads over the standard 18mm.


Four Piston - Endurance

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Six Piston - Endurance

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